News: Verizon Galaxy Nexus Signal Meter Fix Coming

If you too were facing issues with your Verizon galaxy Nexus’ signal meter, don’t worry the fix is coming ! In a statement Verizon told Computerworld, that they will be releasing a software patch which shall fix this issue, but the radio firmware and the operating system version shall remain unchanged. This patch seems to be pretty similar to the one Apple released for it’s “death grip” issues on the iPhone 4.

We have to wait and watch whether the patch will just fix the issue with a visual surgery, or actually fix it in terms of actual reception.

You can read the official statement by Verizon here :

There is no issue with the performance of the device. There is a difference in the way the signal is translated into bars on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus compared to other smart phones. A future software update will adjust the signal strength indicator to more closely match other Verizon Wireless devices.

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