Sports equipment retailer Alpingaraget and electronics store Webhallen are participating in a five-day program with PayPal testing the new update for their app that enabled phone-to-phone NFC money transfer. Now the company is moving on to in-store transactions test. A newer version of PayPal’s app for iOS and Android will offer customers special discounts at participating locations while stores will hand out NFC stickers for their point-of-sale system.

PayPal is partnering with Swedish developers Point and Accumulate. They are using their “Mobile Everywhere” security solution. It’s reported that this is only the first of several in-store transaction options PayPal is testing. There is no further details or dates for future trials. For those of you excited about this you should probably hold your horses because with such a small number of devices having the NFC technology, PayPal is keeping its options open. It will be sometime till NFC Money transfer is the next big thing ! But, this is surely a small step in that direction.