htc-infographic-580x348HTC has queued up an event on the 19th of February at New York City where it is expected to launch its new flagship M7. Rumors suggests that this device is coming with a new sensor which is better than its existing technology . This new sensor which the company like to call the “Ultrapixel” shall drastically improve its performance for images and video.

HTC has been on the front of innovation at bringing remarkable camera technology – ImageSense which was launched along its HTC X and V line of devices last year were highly appreciated.

What could have triggered a good session of R & D at the HTC backends could be a wave of competition that is expected to arrive from Nokia and other biggies. Nokia has spread hints of they rebranding their PureView technology which was seen in their PureView 808 device with a massive 41 megapixel sensor. There are rumors of a possible EOS tagging to these mobile phones which could mean that ripple effect got the market hot.

HTC is also claiming it will improve its sound experience in 2013, though the company had already taken the lead in this regard by combining Beats Audio and a powerful headphone amplifier into its latest products.

A few moments after the rumors surfaced, HTC posted an infographic at their blog.