News: Sony Ericsson now only Sony

We all know that back in October Sony had acquired Ericsson’s stake in the Sony Ericsson joint venture for $1.47 billion thus ending the ten-year long partnership.

But now the affects of the buy back seem to coming into effect, folks at SEMC Blog have found two images of an unknown smartphone that shows the branding of ‘Sony’ rather than the usual ‘Sony Ericsson’ along with the xperia branding on it. We don’t know anything more about the device, but since it is known that the legal work of this “deal” shall be over by early 2012, we can surely expect some Sony phones sans “Ericsson”.  And we do expect Sony to unveil some of its new devices at the CES (January 9-13, Las Vegas) or at the MWC (February 27-March 1, Barcelona) events next year.

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