There have been many iPad 3 rumors going on lately, that is because soon we will be seeing the next tablet from Apple pretty soon! Well this is another rumor and we thought you would like to know about this one too, so according to previous launch dates and event venues people have started saying that iPad 3 will launch on March 7.

So the rumor says that both the earlier iPads were unveiled on March 7 and also Apple loves to launch it’s products on Wednesdays, well this March 7 happens to be a Wednesday hence the probability of an iPad 3 getting launched on that day just went up. Also it is being said that the venue where Apple usually hods it’s press conference is free on this date. Personally I am tired of all these rumors, I just wish Apple confirms this date just to stop all the rumors. Also the rumor mill does not end here, it is also being said that the iPad 3 will be running on a quad core A6 processor. If this is true then it clearly shows that Apple is afraid of all the tablets in the market right now and wants to level with them, why? Because currently both iOS and Android does not really completely utilize quad core processors, it is usually used just for the name and popularity. It would be really interesting to see what iPad has done with the iPad 3 so let’s wait and look out.