After a long wait and a lot of rumours, we’ve found a source inside Foxconn that has revealed some juicy bits about Apple’s upcoming sixth generation iPhone.According to her, it’s screen resolution will stay the same at 960×640 pixels but diagonally the display will be larger at 3.9-inches. Connectivity will be yet another blast this time around adding LTE and NFC to the mix. The camera will be a 12MP and made by Sharp, it will also be called an iSight camera, it’s accompanied by a LED flash. The battery will be fairly larger at 1800mAh and apparently charge twice as fast as the current ones.

The new iPhone, yes, no iPhone 5/6 like the new iPad, will also feature a brushed metal back, with the camera placement to the center instead of the corners like before. The front will feature a 1.3MP front facing camera and the home button will be changed to a capasitive button, it will also be more rectangular than the current circular one, so accommodate the larger screen. The body will also be 9.6mm thick.

The source says that Apple has ordered an initial amount of 5 million units to cope with demand, but are still finalizing the design and the component suppliers before they can start production.

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This is big and confirmed news, we can confirm the product will be available starting September this year. Apple fanboys, excited ?