This is the leak season it seems with the next gen Apple iPhone leaking in pictures several times and believe us in the coming days we’ll see the rumors and leaks growing hugely as the launch of the next gen Apple iPhone comes closer. In the past leaks we have come across the aluminum back shell of the device and now we have come across alleged pics of the complete device assembled with its glass front pictured alongside the iPhone 4.

If the pictured device is truly real then the bigger display will become a reality with the  elongated, widescreen design and edge to edge glass on top and the black aluminum body on the side. The much talked about changed bottom has the completely new, smaller dock connector, large grilles for the speaker and microphone and a headphone jack, which has been relocated to the bottom.

Don’t be sure this is the final deal yet but the images seem real and we all expect the launch sometime in September and October but the folks at KnowYourMobile claims from one of its reliable anonymous sources that the next iPhone is coming on August 7th which is less than a month away and we can’t help but get excited.