A day ago Apple rolled out a new option in its US iTunes Store only , a new section called “Mastered for iTunes“. The section is for now not available in the other stores but will be available soon I guess , if you want to enjoy immediately, one can always make an Apple US Store account and enjoy the benefit.

The feature is a treat for audiophiles as they have much more merrier music with improved quality to hear . The songs usually sold in the store are of low bit-rate in order to save disk space but in the “Mastered for iTunes” section the same songs are rendered at a much higher bit-rate ignoring the space issue and offer great sound quality to the ears. This is easily noticeable if one possesses high end audiophile-quality speakers or headphones.

Also, the new section enables better recording and encoding of the file for the publishers and the listeners also along with adding some conversion options and a lot more . To know the technical details and in-depth analysis of what “Mastered for iTunes” section has to offer, I request you to please download the PDF file linked below in the source.