If recent reports are to be believed, we might see the next-gen iPhone 5 get launched at this years Apple event WWDC (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) .

A leaked calender shows shows an event “Corporate Meeting” in June between 11 to 15 which indicates to probably being the WWDC Event. The report¬†also claims that the iPhone 5 will utilize “glass to glass” touch panel technology¬†from the TPK Holding and Wintek touch-panel suppliers.

All the iPhones except the iPhone 4S were launched at the WWDC conference so it might not truly be a surprise and for folks thinking what the glass to glass technology brings, according to Pocketnow, “Glass-to-glass technology is superior to film-to-glass technology because they consist of a double layer of glass instead of a double layer of film and glass. The advantages of glass-to-glass technology mainly reside in the fact that these touch screens can be used in more extreme conditions”.