Apple is always set to bring something extra-ordinary to the table, and it’s now set to reveal a revolutionary IM service that might have what it takes to knock out almost every IM service out there including BBM, Samsung Chat On, Whats App, and our conventional SMS service.

Apple already had iMessage as a personalized message feature similar to the BBM, and news is that now it plans to expand it in a certain way, which is by making iMessage a desktop feature in the latest MAC OSX, expected to roll out in summer 2012. Apple thus offers a one of a kind feature in a desktop without a third party app installation and which is far superior to what a conventional SMS or an IM service like BBM may offer.

It works like this: You can start a conversation on any of your iDevices, such as an iPhone, and follow the same conversation later on an iPad, Mac, or any other iDevice. Your messages follow you wherever you go, and you can even relax, sit on your bed, and continue the same conversation, which sounds quite “COMFY“.

If such a thing is rolled out, I’m up there on the top to vouch for it and skip over other IM services. Even BBM and the conventional SMS services don’t stand the slightest chance.