We all know there have been plenty of rumors in a recent while about Apple’s iTV which has been in rumors for years but the rumors have picked steam after Steve Jobs was quote as saying that he ”finally cracked it” on the iTV in Walter Issacson’s  biography. And we all know that in order to really take the TV market by storm Apple needs to have some brilliant content deals so that people are forced to upgrade onto it because we all know that the upgrade cycles are very long in the television market. Now we have reports from the USA Today saying that Apple is having a difficult time getting enough content deals for their iTV . The newspaper says Apple is having problems in negotiating the deals with content providers.

We all know Apple has been pretty successful in securing deals in the past, for example they made the music industry accept its iTunes project and make it DRM free but we all know securing TV deals is pretty difficult but we all Apple will go out in securing the deals and make its TV successful. Lets hope that we see a grat TV and some great content on it from Apple.