Apple is expected to launch the next-gen iPad this march but rumors and leaks keep coming and we surely can’t be patient enough and we have heard plenty of rumors about what would iPad 3 have under the hood. We’ve heard rumors of the Retina display and Quad-core SoC making its way into the slate and here’s yet another news confirming it. BGR claims a source to have an iPad 3 prototype in his possession, and sent the site some screenshots from a diagnostic tool called iBoot containing details about the the much awaited tablet.

In one of the pictures, we can spot the text ‘DEVELOPMENT_ARM_S5L8945X’ which probably means it will have a S5L8945X chipset since the A4 chip’s model number is S5L8930X, and the A5 is S5L8940X so we can expect this new chip to be the A6 which we could end up  seeing on the iPhone 5 too.

There’s evidence of two iPad 3 models, J1 and J2, for a WiFi-only version and one with full cellular radios. We can expect to see iPad 3 soon in coming months and looking at rumors it seems a very exciting device and seeing that iPad 2 has no competition, iPad 3 may even kill their hopes.

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