Now this is real quick, Apple’s new iPad has gone on sale today and the the team of dedicated iOS hackers, DevTeam announced that they had successfully jailbroken the latest iPad and they even posted some pictures of the jailbroken new iPad on Twitter.

One of the members of the DevTeamMusclenerd posted on Twitter:

As said it is still the first step in the jailbreaking of the new iPad and still needs lots of work but it is still impressive nonetheless to be this quick. There are no more details on whether the jailbreak is untethered or if the jailbreak will work with the iPhone 4S and we reported earlier that the iPad 2 on iOS 5.1 has aleeady been jailbroken but as he said there’s lots of work to do so better not expect the jailbreak to be released anytime soon but we hope it releases as quickly as it has been started.

We’ll let you know on any further updates on this as we know.