We have been hearing rumors of the Google Nexus tablet for quite sometime now. Recently we heard that Asus will be Google’s partner in the making of the Tablet and it will be priced in the range of $199-$249 but now new reports suggest that the tablet may come in a even more lower price tag.

According to the sources the Nexus tablet is a “done deal” and we’ll be surely seeing the seven-inch tablet. The source also says that it will not be powered by the earlier rumored Tegra 3 chipset and the new reports suggest that it will come in an even lower price range of $149-$199. The Tegra 3 may have been scrapped off just to lower the price range and instead we may see a dual-core processor.

If Google really manages to bring the tablet at this low price range then it’ll surely cut into Kindle Fire’s sales. Google’s Nexus tablet is expected to be announced at this year’s CTIA Wireless trade show in New Orleans, which takes place from May 8th to May 10th so we’ll get back to you as soon as we get a word from Google.