Apple’s new iPad  became available on Friday of last week and the company said it sold over 3 million units in the first three days but at the official Apple Support forums, there are many users reporting that the new tablet has overheating issues.

The folks at the dutch website Tweakers put the new iPad to test and found it was noticeably warmer than its predecessors, to make things more clear, the new iPad runs up to 18.7% hotter than the iPad 2. They used the GLBenchmark and found out that the new iPad heats up to 92.5 Fahrenheit, which is approximately 9.6 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the iPad 2.

According to the support forums, some new iPad owners noticed no heating issues while others said the tablet gets uncomfortably warmer on the lower left bottom of the tablet while playing games and running intense applications.

Apple has responded and has denied any overheating concerns on the new iPad, saying that the product operates well within its thermal specifications but  said that users should contact customer support if they have issues.

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