While most of us expect the Apple iPhone 5 or the New iPhone to be something new and great and now the Foxconn CEO Terry Gou is adding fuel to the fire. 

According to reports, at one of the shareholders’ meeting on Monday, Terry said that the new model of Apple’s iPhone “will put Samsung’s Galaxy S III to shame” which is a pretty bold claim since the S III is a beast of a device in itself but its really does spice things up a bit.

While reportedly he wasn’t done yet, he stated that Samsung is “a company with a track record of snitching on its competitors” referring to a European price-fixing investigation of the flat panel industry in 2010. If this wasn’t enough, he added, “I respect the Japanese and especially like their execution and communication styles. Unlike the Koreans, they will not hit you from behind” Reportedly he also used a slang word for “country hicks” for the Samsung folks.

While it is pretty clear that the Foxconn CEO does not have any liking for the Korean company but surely he increased our already huge expectations for the next gen Apple iPhone. But to see if the next iPhone will put the Samsung flagship to shame is no way answerable until the next iPhone is launched. Till then we’ll have to wait for further news, rumors and hopefully some leaks of the next iPhone.