Several rumors have reported a new iPad would come in March with a Retina Display QXGA 1536 x 2048 HD display and longer battery life but according to DigiTimes, there will not be one but two iPad’s this year. According to them Apple plans to launch a new iPad 3 this coming March, and then a second “iPad 4″ model in October that will ship with “killer applications” and they also report that they will lower the price of the iPad 2 to $400 when they launch their latest tablet which seems quite a smart move as it will bring more takers for even the iPad 2.

Well according to them the iPad 4 will launch in October alongside the new iPhone (which we reported will most probably have a new design) and we don’t have much details about it but DigiTimes says it would include a 9.7-inch display along with “much upgraded hardware specifications and integrated applications.” Other sources suggest that only one iPad will be launched this year but we never know and we should keep our excitement in check after iPhone 4S didn’t lived upto hype. Also, we highlight the fact again that this is a rumor, and not all rumors turn into reality so please take this with a thought of caution.

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