Although India doesn’t have an Apple Store, we all know that people here in India have quite a liking with Apple products, mostly the iPhones and iPads. However, they still don’t have a popular market in India, because they don’t have a store here due to the irregular prices, but according to the folks at fonearena, we might soon see an Apple retail store in India.

According to reports by LiveMint, they quote an unnamed source from the Government, “The Indian government has approved 100% Foreign Direct Investment FDI in Single Brand Retail recently”. We have all heard that Apple plans to have huge expansion throughout Asia to strengthen their market share, so a Store in India would not be surprising since India is a big market for smartphones. Although we haven’t heard anything from Apple, the quick launch of iPad 2 and iPhone do make us optimistic of things to come. With an official Apple Store we can expect better pricing, unlike the crazy pricing we saw for the iPhone 4S recently, although we are not sure if Apple was truly responsible for it or the carriers, but let’s hope we see an Apple Store soon in India!