HTC CEO, Peter Chou said at the company’s annual year-end banquet, that “Competition is good. Competition pushes us, helps us to change better and quicker. And we will be stronger. “

The CEO referred to the competition as being a very strong one, striking HTC “with nuclear weapons” but thanks to the company’s “strong army”, he is confident, because “a good soldier will not fear battles”. “We are not going to compromise our innovation. We are going to make our innovation a big idea, even bigger”, Peter Chou added.

At CES this year, HTC announced its Titan II Windows Phone, it is also expected to unveil quad-core smartphones and tablets at the upcoming MWC show in Barcelona, which are most likely to be powered by Google’s Ice-Cream Sandwich. Hopefully, HTC will start to innovate again both in the design/specs as well as the software department.