The newly unveiled camera mammoth, the Nokia 808 PureView is running on a more improved version of Nokia Belle known as Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 and it will be brought to older Symbian 1GHz devices namely Nokia 603, 700 and 701 as an update.

The Feature Pack 1 brings improved entertainment options, personalisation choices and performance. The update will offer a new, faster, HTML5-capable web browser, the Microsoft Apps and the latest version of Nokia Maps. It will also bring Dolby Digital Plus support to improve the audio and video experience.

I heard complaint from several users that Belle just didn’t have enough widgets, well not anymore as the Feature Pack 1 update will bring more than 20 new additional widgets. You will get an even better notifications bar and a refreshed multitasking bar, too.

The 701 and 700 will both see their processor clockspeeds bumped to 1.3GHz by the update for more fluidity in the experience, matching the 808 PureView while strangely there’s no mention of Nokia 603 in it, making us believe it will remain on 1GHz.

The older S^3 devices which recently received the Nokia Belle update are probably not getting the update but they are running Belle which brings a much improved user experience over the S^3 and Anna, so this is not too bad news either. The Feature Pack 1 update is said to be rolling out in “coming months”.