Nokia rolled out its Symbian Belle update for its Symbian^3 device users running Anna. The supported devices that got the update include the Nokia C6-01, C7, E6, E7, N8, X7, 500, and Nokia Oro. The update can be done via “Nokia Suite” (different than Ovi Suite) or Nokia Software updater. The update is not available as OTA (Over the Air) unlike Anna. The update size is close to 300MB, so it’s quite time consuming to download. You had better keep a movie handy to watch while you are updating your phone.┬áThe update is still not available for some product codes, but you can check for availability in the source link.

Well, after the update rolled out, there were rumors reporting some bugs in the update, and the most highlighted was the “WiFi Disconnection” problem. I had an opportunity to test whether it was true or not on a friend’s Nokia C7, and, to my surprise, it was true. The WiFi connection keeps disconnecting every 30-45 seconds, and the only way to connect it again is manually, thus not allowing one to sign into apps as it pops out “No Internet Connection” available. You have to end up filling the credentials once again, being subject to the same problem over and over!

The phone (in this case Nokia C7) was also a quite sluggish after a reboot, but also found the phone to hang while I did some multitasking. Also remember to update the two featured updates in the Software Update which are — “Microsoft Apps” and a “Search Widget” – a total of 29MB in addition to the previous 300MB. Sigh!

Also there are many applications (previously installed), which will not run in your phone now because of their compatibility issues with Symbian Belle. The list of the non-compatible apps with Symbian Belle can be found in the source link below.

Well a probable solution to the WiFi problem will be to first disconnect the WiFi, then delete the connection settings, and reconnect with the WiFi connection. If that doesn’t help, then after taking a backup of your phone via Nokia Suite, try hard reset (*#7370#).

If this doesn’t help either, then you will probably have wait for Nokia to roll out a bug fix in its new update. Until then, enjoy playing with Belle and all the new things it has to offer.