Nokia accessories announced the Nokia BH-221 Bluetooth Stereo Headset couple hours later the launching of the Nokia 808 PureView phone. So , the Bluetooth headset has a nice and sturdy build and looks trendy and fashionable to wear upon. So , one can listen to music , take calls and also listen to Radio since it has an inbuilt FM-Radio. So , the advantage here is that one can still carry the headsets even if he doesn’t have a handset and enjoy listening to the radio.

The headsets tag along with an In-Ear headphones which are detachable and this allows us to plug-in any other desired headphones with a 3.5mm jack. The one special feature is the “NFC-Support” that comes along with these headsets , so all one has to do is tap and enjoy and the NFC support is not limited just to Nokia which is really admirable. The headsets feature an OLED display for one identifying the caller when one gets a call and also the station he is on for tuning purpose. The headsets have an full-rotating clip which gives great ease. The headsets are available in 5 fifferent colors to choose from . Down below is a demo video from Nokia itself.