Jolla a startup company from Finland launched its first Sailfish OS running device with its pre-orders starting today. The curiosity of “the other half” teaser turned out to be replaceable color shells alike what we have seen with some of the models of the Nokia Lumia series. Talking more about the OS, the operating system will run its native apps as well as Android apps seemlessly on the same user interface. The pre-production device running Sailfish OS was showcased at Mobile World congress this year. Some of the hands-on videos can be found on YouTube.


The first smartphone from Jolla features a 4.5-inch Estrade display running on dual-core processor with 16 GB internal memory and an option to expand it via microSD card slot. The other USP of the device include 8MP AF camera, user replaceable battery and user exchangeable cover shells.


The device is up for pre-order under three different programs. One, costing 100 EUR which gets you a limited Edition Jolla, an exclusive “other half”, priority status for the pre-order and a T-shirt, along with a 100 EUR voucher when you finally purchase the phone from the Jolla online store.
The other one for 40 EUR, will get you a priority status for the pre-order, a T-shirt and a limited edition Jolla and the third with no pre-order money with just priority status.
Overall, Jolla assures you that you will not be paying more than 399 EUR which includes the taxes, VAT and your pre-order money.


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Here is the video showcasing Jolla