Jolla the finnish smartphone manufacturer and Sailfish OS developer had launched the Jolla smartphones and were sold to few customers in Finland itself. Those smartphones were running Sailfish OS Beta because they had to keep up with the competition but today Jolla has announced that their homemade Sailfish operating system is out of beta and is ready for global release.

Sailfish OS that came in with the Jolla handsets had Beta version of the operating system and since then they have rolled out three software updates with the fourth update coming sometime in March 2014 reaching version 1.0 which is the first stable release of the new mobile operating system.

Jolla is also bringing Sailfish OS as an alternate operating system for some of the Android running devices. Sailfish will run full fledged as an independent operating system which shall be available in the first half of 2014 but first they shall bring the Sailfish UI launcher application to the Android operating system which shall give the same looks even on Android. Sailfish OS is capable of running Android apps natively and being developed by an open source community it is tend to be updated more and often in future. Jolla as said in their press release will be maintaining a monthly update pattern filling the gaps and giving users another option to choose from apart from the big players.

Jolla has also formed new partnerships with the key players from the industry to scale up its business and availability. They have partnered with Rovio to launch a The Other Half Jolla special Angry bird smart cover, with F-secure Corp. to provide their customers with gigabytes of free secure cloud storage and Tieto Corporation to offer integration services to ODMs and OEMs.

Currently Jolla smartphones are available in all European Union countries, Switzerland and Norway. Jolla is rapidly entering new markets and is already in negotiations with the partners in countries including Russia, India and Hong Kong for online sales.