After months of leaks, rumours and the release of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device; BlackBerry 10 is nearing market-ready status.

A new leak courtesy of N4BB details the upcoming N-series and L-series devices from RIM. N referring to Nevada and L to London. The L-series will be a touch-only device with a 4.2-inch screen at 1280×768 pixels giving it a density of 356ppi. The N-series will be a new series of Bold devices, that will include hardware keyboards with 3-inch displays at 720×720 pixels and a density of 320ppi.

The L-series is expected to hit by September and the N-series as late as January 2013. The screen resolutions and layouts differ quite a lot, but the devices are expected to have a lot in common like dual core Qualcomm processors, 1GB of RAM and micro SIM slots. We’ll keep you updated as new information surfaces.