The global leader in technology – Samsung has been ranked at the 8th position amongst the most valuable brands by Interbrand Brand Valuation. Samsung has recorded third highest growth rate of 20.4% with a brand value of US $39.6 billion. Samsung can surely reach the No. 1 position in the smartphone market share by seeing its phenomenal and outstanding growth. Apart from smartphone, Samsung has also maintained and strengthened its leadership position in the TV category.

The key factors for the increase of Samsung’s brand value are:

1. Financial enhancement in major categories:

  • Highest global market share in TV category for the 7th consecutive year.
  • Mobile category also saw a steep rise in the market share.

2. Outstanding marketing activities and clear brand ambition:

  • Persistent and steady marketing strategies all across the globe were made based on Samsung’s brand ideal.
  • The brand description and ideal has been clearly depicted by all Samsung offices across the globe.

3. Increase brand strength in the product category:

  • Introducing innovative products and features has strengthened its leadership position more in the TV category.
  • Coming to the mobile category, It’s high rise and achieving global ranking is due to its understanding in the consumer needs and marketing activities.