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Smartphone makers revolutionalize their designs accordingly every once in a while. After Apple came up with the notch display design on their iPhone X, other makers started considering the same. Right around the corner, Samsung unveiled its flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and the Galaxy S10e. However, the hole-punch notch camera design on that gorgeous looking Super AMOLED display took everyone by a surprise. FYI, the Galaxy S10+ has an elongated cutout while the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e has a circular cutout.

These hole-punch design on these phones made it a great game for smartphone users out in the world. So, right when the notch design came out, not everyone started to like it. We have options to hide the notch or do something creative with the same in our phones. Similar to this hide the notch feature, Samsung here equipped these Galaxy devices with wallpapers which try to hide the hole-punch accordingly.

Keeping the hiding approach aside, as creative as users can get, they took the opposite manner to cope up with the design. The users came up with wallpapers which have a dark circle right where the camera hole is. This also helps in making the display look great alongside embracing the design and the future.

The trend started off by someone in summer only did grow to also become a subreddit where you’ll find the wallpapers added by users. There are all kinds of comic wallpapers including Rick and Morty, Bob the Builder, Minions, Wall-E, Big Hero, an inverted iPhone X, and few other sporty wallpapers. The list just keeps on going, all thanks to the users’ skills. If you got a touch of creativity, you can go ahead and post your designed wallpaper in the community. Below are a few wallpapers we found out to be interesting and funny.

All in all, this turned out to be a huge hit for Samsung who didn’t see it coming. It is a great sign that people are embracing the design and making more wallpapers instead of complaining about the design. You surely must check out these wallpapers if you own one of these devices.

Download Samsung Galaxy S10+ Camera Cutout Wallpapers from here.

Hidey Hole (Wallpapers for Gal
Hidey Hole (Wallpapers for Gal
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