Sony is becoming a major player in the Smartphone sector with Android to back it up. Last month Sony had released a beta Android 4.0 ROM for few of its Xperia devices like the Arc S, Neo V and Ray. Well, this time it is the chance for Xperia Play to get some Ice Cream Sandwich action.  Yes, Sony has released an ICS beta for all the Xperia Play users. So that people can check it out and then give feedbacks to Sony so that they can make your Android 4.0 experience better.

As this is a beta ROM, it will not come with complete features and there will be too many bugs, so it is recommended that only developers and testers should try out this ROM, also it would be really great if all the users could try the ROM, try playing games on it and then giving feedback to Sony, with complete reports of bugs and maybe some changes which you would like to see.