We all have seen marketing efforts by many brands, some are good, some are not – some are big, some are small – but sometimes there are these marketing strategies followed by certain brands, which are so over the top and so catchy – that’s it’s impossible to ignore them ! The ultimate aim of any advertisement or marketing campaign is to grab attentuion, as long as heads are turning – the purpose is being met ! We all know Nokia recently launched their first Windows Phone powered device – the Lumia 800 in many regions around the world.

It is also known that Nokia is banking alot on the success of it’s Windows Phone devices for it’s survival and existence in the future, and that means it needs to sell it – which means they will go to any limit to sell their phone ! And believe me, they did ! Since the launch they have being having lots of large scale activities around the world to promote the phone, they had the superb projection show in London which left everyone startled, then they had a series of flashmobs in India followed by lots of music concerts all of these aimed at promoting the Lumia series of phones. We ever read reports recently that Nokia and Microsoft will invest a few hundred million dollars to promote the Lumia devices in the US.

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Well, this time Nokia has really done it all to promote the device, quite literally ! Yes, they went ahead and decided to tie up with the Indian carrier Jet Airways, to take the marketing and promotion to the sky, yes they went ahead and did a special livery on Jet Airways Boeing 737-800 aircraft, one of their 59 Boeing 737s bearing the registration VT-JGP is wearing the Lumia 800 livery. I have been a keen follower of aviation in India since quite some years now, and have not seen such marketing in the past in the aviation industry barring the low cost carriers, which did advertise to generate revenues. But, to get a full cost carrier to do a special livery as part of promotion really does take some effort and cash !

Kudos to the guys at Nokia’s marketing department for coming up with this idea, it has caught a lot of attention when we first saw the picture a few weeks back, and was talked about around the world ! That is enough to make Nokia feel happy about this promotion as attention is what they needed, and they got it !

The final product :

Here are the pictures of how the Boeing 737-800 was transformed into the “Nokia Lumia Jet” – truly first of it’s kind promotion in India as well as for a cellphone company :

You can also have a look at the video of the making of this special Nokia Lumia airplane :

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If you want to catch this aircraft – you can do so, currently for the past few days this aircraft has been doing gulf routes and has been spotted regularly at the gulf airports.


 All images and video in the post are owned by Jet Airways (India).