With rumors going on for months now about new Windows Phone devices from Nokia, mostly false ones, like the supposed Lumia 601, Lumia 805, Lumia 801, Lumia 910 and so forth, the time for real devices are upon us.

Nokia is expected to launch a lot of new devices at MWC including the N8 successor, something they call Pure View and some Asha devices like the 302, but the more anticipated ones are their new line of devices, especially the lower end ones.

Nothing has revealed whether or not the Nokia 610 is a Lumia device or not, so we’ll count it as one for now. The Nokia Lumia 719 and 719c, a CDMA version of the 719, the Lumia 800c, a CDMA version of the Lumia 800, and then the international version of the Nokia Lumia 900 are all expected to be showcased by Nokia at MWC next week. All are likely to run on Windows Phone Tango, rumoured to be Windows Phone 7.6, the much anticipated update that’ll allow lower end devices to be made.

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