When the Nokia 808 PureView was unveiled there were talks as to when we would see a Nokia Lumia PureView smartphone because although the 41-MP camera and the Nokia’s proprietary PureView technology are unmatched by anything on the market right now but the problem lies in the  outdated hardware and the Symbian Nokia Belle operating system. And we have been hearing lately that our wishes will be granted as a Lumia PureView smartphone is gonna come soon and is in the making.

Richard Kerris, Nokia’s vice president of worldwide developer relations said while speaking with Neowin  mentioned that the Lumia PureView we all are eagerly awaiting is coming “very soon,” and we guess it’d come with the new Windows Phone 8 which will allow Nokia to match the high end specs of its competitors with HD displays which would do true justice to pictures produced by the amazing camera and multicore processors too will be a joy for geeks like us.

Kerris also said that  it “won’t be long” before the company’s Windows Phones make their way to Verizon and Sprint which is certainly required if Nokia really wants to make its presence felt in the US market and here too we hope that Sprint and Verizon have Nokia Lumia running the Windows Phone 8 and hopefully the PureView tech too.