News: Lumia 900 sales have exceeded expectations, says AT&T President of retail sales

Nokia announced its Q1 earning reports yesterday and things are not looking good for the Finnish giant, its stock also hit a 16-year low. There were also reports of some Lumia 900 having some issues which added to the gloom. But not everything may have been going too wrong for the company as AT&T’s president of retail sales and service, Paul Roth has come up in the open defending the Nokia’s Windows Phone flagship.

He simply stated that the Nokia Lumia 900 sales have exceeded expectations. To make his claim seem more of a reality he added that sales have been so great that many stores have reported being sold out entirely of the device – well, it’s mostly for the cyan version of the Lumia 900. It is certainly impressive but that has been expected because of the amazing price and it’ll more than likely remain like that knowing the handset can be bought for free right now until the 21st. Amazon too has been reporting huge demands for the device with the Lumia 900 on top of its AT&T devices list.

Well its nice to see Lumia 900 bringing some much needed demand to Windows Phone and it’ll be interesting to know at the end of the quarter as to how many Lumia 900’s were actually sold.

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