The folks over at The Verge have a contact, Paul Thurrot whom they say is the man with his finger on the Microsoft pulse who throws some light on Windows Phone’s future plans.Paul confirms that HTC Radiant and Samsung Mandel LTE Windows Phones coming next year and he also adds some details about the rumoured Nokia Lumia 900 or the Nokia Ace (which seems is the codename), according to him this device is going to hit the market on March 28th in US. His confirming a specific date and timing already indicates that the Nokia’s Rolling Thunder plan has already taken off. He also indicates that all the three devices will be presented at CES but it may not surprise us if the Nokia Ace is the first to launch of the three given the close partnership the two giants have.

He also goes on to say Nokia Ace will be launched on AT&T and also adds up that the Lumia 710 will also head to Verizon without LTE in April, though it doesn’t seem that exciting enough but maybe this could just be the start for the potent things to come from the Finnish giant Nokia’s Rolling Thunder assault.