As we know by now that none of the current Windows Phone handsets including your beloved Nokia Lumias will not get the elusive Windows Phone 8 but for the stop-gap Windows Phone 7.8 update and this is the reason we expect the whatever momentum the Windows Phone ship gathered to die down. The Nokia Lumia 900 at the AT&T has been a pretty successful device but after the recent news on Windows Phone 8, we are not sure of the effect it’d have on its sales and it seems AT&T too thinks the same as according to an employee at AT&T, the carrier has decided to slash the price of the Nokia Lumia 900 in half to $49.99 on contract starting Sunday.

The same piece of news was confirmed by another senior AT&T employee. We recently saw the Lumia 900 drop to third at Amazon’s list of  its best selling AT&T handsets which seems an indication of dropping sales and the reduced price could help regain some of it. Sunday is also supposedly the day when the pink Lumia 900 goes on sale which could make the device popular among women.