News: Will Existing Windows Phones Get Apollo ?


Windows Phone has not yet completely established itself in the market and the news that we are getting, if becomes true, will make sure that it never happens , rather will take the whole Windows Phone market down. The news that has got all, especially the Windows Phone users worried is that, will the existing handsets be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, code-named “Apollo” and is their backwards-compatibility with the already existing apps.

This is what Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone had to say on this :

We haven’t announced Windows Phone 8, but in terms of I can show you our goal to all Windows Phone 7 applications will run on Windows Phone 8.  Application compatibility is always something, where there’s always stuff on the fringe…. The spirit is our goal that all Windows Phone applications today run on our next release.

Though he may say such, but Microsoft is finding the backward – compatibility of apps a big issue to overcome and thus having second thoughts of whether to push or not Windows 8 to the current Windows Phone devices. Also since, almost all the apps in the Windows App Store are paid and to find those apps absent or not working and having to pay for them all again will surely piss anyone off . If this all happens, it will surely be the decision which will mark the end of the Windows Phone era.


Source : ZDNet

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