The folks at Russian Window Phone blog who have always been pretty reliable when it comes to leaks have leaked out a comparison chart showing the differences in features of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 and the Windows Phone 7.8 which will be an update to current WP 7.5 devices. Most of the features are simply what we’ve come to expect but there is a new addition as well.

As we already know, the new start screen will be be present in the Windows phone 7.8 update but majority of the other features will not be making the cut though.

Unsurprisingly,  IE10 will be WP8 only while WP 7.8 users will have to continue dealing with the IE9 browser. Skype, RCS-e, and DataSmart are all available in WP7.8, but only as separate apps, and not integrated as with WP8. Voice Command, Bing Audio, and cloud services will all be there in the WP 7.8 as it used to be in WP 7.5 but the WP 8 will be getting powerful versions of them with more functionality. The table also reveals a new, not previously rumored, Windows Phone 8 feature – the ability to recognize TV programs also.

So folks using the current Windows Phone handsets, are you satisfied with what you are getting with the Windows Phone 7.8 or do you expect to see more additions?