Nokia Lumia 900, the latest Lumia flagship by Nokia was unveiled at CES with AT&T and since then we haven’t heard any concrete dates on when would the devices hit the shelves. Early rumors stated that it will be launching on March 18th and then we heard rumors that it has been delayed by a month and will come on 22nd April. Today we have come across rumors stating that the device will hit the shelves on April 8th and start selling on 9th.

A tipster at The Verge forums posted that

I’m an assistant manager with an att store in California. We are gearing up for the Nokia lumia launch and were going all out. cant say much more but its tentative for April 8 as far as I understand. I And other sales reps are having mandatory trainings on the Nokia 900 soon and that usually means its launching shortly after. You don’t have to believe me but just giving you a heads up. I think early reports said April 18th so its a little earlier than that. Cant wait! we got the demo in last week and I’ve been very impressed with the phone. Its a sexy b—. As far as colors go we are only getting black and cyan. the white one will come when the phone performs well, like we did with the sky rocket .


There was a similar comment on WPCentral forum member on a post:


I work for att and were training for the 900. I’ve been told its April 8th.

Well we know both of these guys could just be the same guy or mere coincidence but still we should accept this rumor with some huge grains of salt and we should still wait for the official date. But in case the rumor turns out to be true then maybe AT&T would be trying to take advantage of the Easter holidays.