Reos Lite
Cube26 that introduced IOTA Lite smart bulb in India last year, today launched a new upgraded version of the smart bulb- The Reos Lite. According to Cube26, they had sold over 10,000 units of IOTA Lite over a period of 6 months. The manufacturer commits that the IOTA Lite had some heating issues as well as it less bright. So they have completely revamped the smart bulb and the Reos Lite smart bulb houses over 2.2x more LED lights than the previous iteration. Also, the LED panel of IOTA Lite was manufactured by Toshiba but this time it is manufactured by Philips.

lite-reos-400x400-imaehzvkyhpnk6fjThe updated smart bulb comes with new modes, schedules and alerts, along with a revamped music sync option. It now features an adjustable colour temperature from Cool White to Warm White (2700K to 6500K). The plug and play LED smart bulb will fit into regular bulb holder and can be controlled via android smartphone using Bluetooth. The smart bulb can be controlled via Reos Lite Android Application. Cube26 Reos Lite LED Smart Bulb is 13W smart bulb that consumes 90% less energy when compared with regular bulb.

The Reos Lite is priced at INR 1699 and is available from Flipkart.

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