The Kindle Fire was a big hit in the market. It was priced right and targeted to the right consumer. Everything was right about it from the get go, which lead to the success of the device. Now, because of the unexpected success of this device, Amazon will be bringing a successor of the Kindle Fire as early as quarter 2.

Though the sales of Kindle Fire were high, Amazon was losing loads of money. The manufacturing cost of the device was high and the profit margin low. Now they are saying that the Kindle Fire 2 will have a low end spec sheet and will not boast high end hardware like the other devices coming out. This model works for them, these low end and low cost devices sell like hot cakes. I have seen people who have an iPad go buy the Kindle Fire also. I am hoping that the successor of the Kindle Fire will be a hit too. There are also reports that Foxconn (yes the manufacturer behind Apple’s iPads, iPhones, etc) will be manufacturing the second generation of the Kindle Fires. Well the Kindle Fire 2 is rumored to be launching by May or June, so stay tuned for more news about it!