Microsoft has finally rolled out the Xbox Cloud Gaming to Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets which can be used via the browser. It is currently been rolled out across 22 countries.

The Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming servers have been upgraded and will be powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware. This will result in better frame rates, better latency, and loading times. This means that The Xbox Cloud Gaming will go to a different level. But as of now, They will only offer streaming games at 1080p 60fps but in the future, you may be able to play at 4K.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

As the Xbox Cloud Gaming Android app was already present, they introduced the browser client for letting it work on any platform, be it Apple devices or Linux or any device with a supported browser. You just have to open the Xbox Cloud gaming website, log in, and select a game from your Xbox Game Pass library and start playing from any browser like Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.