Xiaomi Mi3 Sold Out

Xiaomi one of the globally leading smartphone manufacturer from China launched their flagship handset, Xiaomi Mi3 in India on July 15th as we reported. The handset was supposed to go on sale today and so it did.

As expected the unmatchable specifications and price pair, took an intensive demand for the handset. Xiaomi has come up with an exclusive partnership with Flipkart.com to be their exclusive seller in India.

Observing a similar trend with Motorola, Xiaomi also open pre-registrations for the Mi3 which got an early access to buy the handsets online before it could roll out to general public. Even after that, the handset was sold out in 38 minutes and 50 seconds as confirmed by Flipkart.

The smartphone sale was supposed to open at 12 noon which it did but was soon transformed to 502 server error. Buyers were reporting that the website went down soon after they opened the floor for public, probably they weren’t expecting this response.

As said by Xiaomi India’s operation head, Manu Jain

We are pleasantly surprised and delighted with the overwhelming response we have received from our India fans. We would like to apologize to our fans who couldn’t purchase the Mi 3 today. We are responding immediately to the commitment shown to us by our customers by focussing on the following – we are working with Flipkart to ensure the experience of purchase is improved further and technical issues are resolved. We know some of our fans must be disappointed. We want to make it up to them. Hence for the next sale on July 29th only, we will ensure that customers who missed out on today’s sale are automatically registered to buy a Mi 3 on 29th.
We underestimated the demand we would receive and we are taking steps to ramp up the supply as soon as possible. That being said we are committed that over the next few months, every fan in India will get to own a Mi device