Have you ever run out of juice on your HTC Sensation? Of course you have! The stock battery is nothing more than mediocre (1520mAh; 5.62Whr). Here, in Europe, we get devices and accessories much later than our mates in the United States. The Sensation extended battery (Sensation XE stock battery) is nowhere to be found in Poland, and, furthermore, it’s hard to get even in Germany. ION comes to the rescue with the answer! Find out how to use a HTC EVO3D stock battery (1730mAh; 6.57Whr) with your Sensation without any additional cost!

Let’s get to it.
The BA S590 theoretically gives you 12% more juice then the stock BA S560. This is exact the same as the Sensation XE battery (BA S780).
Here we have those two batteries side by side.

Side by side, batteries from left: Sensation (BA S560), EVO3D (BA S590)

As you can see, there is just one problem – the BA S590, according to specification, runs at a higher power rating then the BA S560. Does this really disturb or annihilate the phone? Of course not. Electrical devices control the current on their own, so no need to worry about different voltages. Did you ever check what voltage your battery produces? I assure you that the most batteries output a much higher voltage than expected, especially if you don’t force your smartphone to run at full power.

The form factor is same. To be accurate, if we do some measures with caliper the BA S590 is actually a little bit thicker. This isn’t a downside, because the battery fits perfectly into the phone’s unibody construction. The additional pressure doesn’t do any damage to the phone, and what’s surprising is that the screen now feels much more sturdy. I’m pretty sure all Sensation owners know what I mean by that.

Here comes the important part. After rotating for 180 degrees the BA S590 has got exactly this same pins and security holes.

Here comes a surprise, the OG Sensation battery does have a white moisture sticker, while the humidity marker for the EVO3D version is striped red.

Let’s get down to some serious testing. The battery fits into the Sensation easily. Here is the device with our new battery.

HTC EVO3D battery in the HTC Sensation

Such a exclusive guide wouldn’t be complete without a proof, please have a look into our compact YouTube video.

Our verdict for the EVO3D battery running on a Sensation: INSTALL!