As posted earlier about Circulets – the fun game with collecting circles which will be arriving on iOS and Android this May 2013 on 9th, we had also mentioned that we got the promo release from Hashstash Studios – the creators of this game. We played it both on iOS and Android and found it to be very entertaining. To know more, read our full review below.

First things first, this game will not be available as free download on Apple App store, Google Play Store, Amazon app store and Samsung app store. The game will cost flat $1 across any platform on any app store which we found to be totally worth the effort of the team.


About the Game:

Initializing the application, at first you will be asked to choose color combination from the five-six options along with 30 seconds or 60 seconds or 90 seconds timer for the game play. Make sure you are not playing this game alone because it is a two player game meant to played on the same device proving its tag line ‘for families and friends’.


So both the players are supposed to collect their respective chosen color circles on their sides along with the bonus color circles appearing in between to increase the final score and the one with a higher score wins the game.


The game is pretty simple has a minimalist design which is its USP. The clean UI/UX of the game makes it easy to adjust on any screen size with any resolution. We tried it on Full HD screen and the WVGA screen and found no difference to be honest. The urge to get more and more circles to our pit makes it very addictive, all you need is two players and a smartphone or a tablet. Circulets run smoothly both on Android and iOS but if you ask us iOS have an edge over Android and this is not the only case.


Circulets has been shortlisted for the Indie showcase at Casual Connect Asia 2013 and has been selected under the 100% Indie program and will be featured on Samsung App store under the same. The game is all set to launch on May 9th 2013 on Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Samsung Store and Amazon App Store. We will recommend to try this game once and we are sure that you will love it. For 99 cents once no advertisements, no in app purchases just pure game play. We think its a good deal. Hashstash Studios have also promised a free ‘lite’ version coming in future along with a juiced up UI and multiple language localization updates scheduled right after the launch. Circulets will see more social integration, different playing modes and game center achievements as per our conversation with the development team. We wish Hashstash good luck for their first iOS game and would love to see more in future.

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Watch the official game trailer here:

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