Brave browser

If you are an avid user of the internet, you got to have a browser on your platform. These days, browsing is everywhere and without a proper browser which fills in your needs and choices, you will not be satisfied. When it comes to both the mobile and desktop platforms, Google Chrome is something common for most of us out here. If not that, we are at least used to the Chromium-based browsers. With the Brave Browser, you get everything you could ever ask for, in a browser.

The difference between other Chromium-based browser and Brave Browser is that it stands out in the ad-blocking and tracker-blocking aspects. And a good thing is that Brave cares about your privacy more than anything. Additionally, you also get a Tor browser built-in which is pretty great if you are looking to search in the dark web.

Brave Browser is available for Android, Windows, Linux, and MacOS. We here at Install or Not have been using the browser on both Android and Windows platform for quite some time and I am are here to tell you what really impressed us.

Privacy and Security – Brave Shields

Brave browser has advanced privacy setup by promising to protect your data. For that, the browser has its own Brave Shields feature which automatically blocks all the trackers, pop-ups, ads, and other annoying spam links. It also allows you to moderate so that you can only block what you prefer. Apart from this, the most trusted search engine Duck Duck Go partnered with Brave and comes in action while using the incognito mode.

It also has an automatic HTTPS upgrading feature for every site you visit while browsing. The Brave Shields work exceptionally well and brings change in the site loading time and security. However, if the site appears to be broken or any defect, you should disable the shields to bring it to work. In our case on the desktop browser, Hotstar streaming wouldn’t start unless I turned off the Brave Shields.

Next-level ad-blocking

As a result of the automatic ad-blocking, thanks to the Brave Shields, the sites load faster and use much fewer data. If you think you can just install any other ad-blocker plugin in your browser, well, Brave’s ad-blocking technology works better than that. Brave browser can block all the YouTube ads as well. In fact, the videos load much faster on Brave browser than in the YouTube app available.


This is one of the main aspects for you to consider switching to Brave because it is faster than the fastest browsers out there. Google Chrome can be one of the fastest browsers out there but the resources it takes are huge and always keeps hogging on your RAM. Well, Brave is pretty lightweight and you don’t have to install any extensions which can take a toll on your resources, thanks to the built-in ad-blocker.

Well suited for the non-tech people

Most of the browsers get affected by malware and ad extensions if not properly used. This means, clicking on malware links can get your browser messy on the normal browsers and it is normal you have experienced it. If the browser is used by so very non-tech people, it is likely to get affected. Well, with Brave Browser, you don’t have to worry about all those because it automatically blocks every malware and pop-up ads link.

Brave Rewards: Support creators

After the Brave Shields, this is one of the unique features of the Brave Browser. Brave uses a cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) which is based out of Ethereum technology. BAT serves as a currency between the users, publishers, and advertisers. Simply put, Brave displays you the advertisements for which you will be paid in BAT. Or, you can simply add funds to your account and these can be used to support your favorite creators by sending them BAT. From what I can see, Brave is taking a step further for how ads work in making money for the creators. Below video explains about how exactly the Brave Rewards work.

For the time being, I have switched to Brave Browser on both my Windows PC and my Android smartphone and I don’t think I will switch back anytime soon. Brave browser really did change the way I browse and I can say that it’s super fast with the load time. Well, even if something doesn’t work or look fine, just turn off the Brave Shields and it’s all fine. As for the extensions, I have half of what I had on my Google Chrome, remaining all other features come built-in in Brave!

There is no limit or boundary as for who can use this browser. Everyone can start using this and you will find no reason to hate it. You can go install it right away on your Android smartphone and PC of any platform.