The gaming industry has been quite a popular industry for manufacturers to introduce new products. There are a lot of gaming accessories that manufacturers introduce with various features and unique designs so that they appeal to the consumers, especially those who belong to the gaming community. The latest brand to join the race is ‘Truke.’ The company has introduced new gaming truly wireless earbuds called Truke BTG1 TWS earbuds. 

The earbuds offer an excellent gaming experience with a dedicated gaming mode and low latency of up to 60ms. There’s also a gaming feature where you can tap three times on the right earbud to enter Gaming Mode. The earbuds seem pretty impressed with their low latency but whether they provide that experience into practical usage is the question. Here is our real-world review of Truke BTG1 earbuds.

Design And Build Quality

Starting with the design, the case of earbuds screams gaming with bright green lights on the front. The case has no curves and has a refined sharp-edged futuristic design. In the front, there are two triangular green lights on the edges of the case. 

The green lights are turned on when the buds are charging and blink when the case itself is charging. The lights also indicate that the case has finished charging; once they are fully charged, they are turned off.

If we talk more about the build quality of the case of the earbuds, its build quite well with a unique eye-catching design. The plastic has a matt finish and will last longer against scratches. Thankfully there is also a type-c port for charging the earbuds on the back of the case. 

Let’s talk about earbuds, they have identical design and fit nicely into your ears. Once you get used to them, you may not even notice that you are wearing them as they are very lightweight. Both the earbuds have touch controls and LED lights that light up in green and white colors. Each of them has the company’s branding and two mics for noise cancellation. The touch controls also work accurately; you can use one tap to play or pause and a long press to activate the assistant. The earbuds support gaming mode and music mode, which you can switch easily using a triple-tap gesture.

Sound And Call Quality

It is the basic job of any earbuds to provide a good sound quality for both music and call purposes. The Truke BTG1 TWS earbuds have 13mm drivers and have a range of 10 meters. The primary purpose for both earbuds is to provide low latency while gaming; you can’t expect the sound quality of AirPods from these earbuds. The sound quality was average and flat without any equalizer. 

When it comes to music, they are not as balanced as they should be, but they are on the higher side while the bass and treble are kept lower. If you are a bass lover, you might want to do some tuning beforehand to improve your music experience. 

The most important feature of the earbuds is their low latency of 60ms. From the initial tests, the company’s claim is completely legit. In both the music and gaming mode, the latency remains adequate. The earbuds announce which mode you switch into when you change the modes. To conclude, it can be said that gaming using these earbuds was a totally pleasant experience. 

When it comes to battery life, I can say that this is the strongest point of the earbuds. The buds provide more than 8 hours of battery life on a single charge quickly. When calling, the battery life drops a little bit by a couple of hours, but it’s not that big of a hit. The earbuds get charged entirely in about 80 to 90 minutes which is legally what the company claims. Overall you can rely on these buds to provide good sound quality during long movie sessions. 

Finally, one of the features that the company needs to improve heavily is call quality. During the review, I could hear the other person without any issue, but they had a lot of trouble listening to my voice. The voice was muffled and filled with a lot of background noise. This means that as the manufacturer provides two ENC noise cancellation mics, they are not much help. 


The Truke BTG 1 Gaming Earbuds are a great option for all the BGMI players who are looking for low latency earbuds that sound decent and are priced fairly. THe Truke BTG 1 is priced at Rs. 1,999 and are one of the best options for gamers. The build quality is great with a bold gaming-themed design with green led lights on the case.

The audio quality is fair enough for gaming and not the highlight of the device. But with 60ms latency and 13mm audio drivers with about 48 hours of battery backup, these buds are a true value for money, especially if you are a gamer and you can grab one of these from Flipkart.


  • The earbuds provide the best experience for gaming and the credit goes to its low latency of 60ms.
  • Battery life is also great and can come in handy for long gaming marathons.
  • Good build quality and eye-catching design.


  • Truke BTG1 TWS earbuds lack good quality during voice calls, there’s a lot of background noise despite the noise-canceling mics.