The total Indian gaming market is expected to grow 113 percent from 1.83 billion to 3.91 billion by 2025. So now, many Indian manufacturers are introducing gaming accessories that can attract enthusiastic gamers towards that brand. The latest company to join the list is ‘Truke.’ The new series of gaming earbuds called Truke BTG 2 has gained much attention from the tech community. 

The company claims that these BTG 2 Gaming earbuds offer up to 60 ms low latency while gaming. Low latency means that there will be a minimal delay between the signal transmission and hearing the sound. If you look at premium earphones like AirPods Pro, they have a latency of 144 ms. So what Truke is offering here is nothing short of a miracle for gamers. Let’s have a look at how good the Truke BTG 2 earbuds perform and here is our comprehensive review.

Design and Build quality

When you decide to purchase any electronic device, it is essential to know how well built and durable they are. When it comes to the build quality of Truke BTG 2 earbuds are quite built. Starting with the case, it is built quite well and is sturdy and the design speaks gaming with a bunch of green led lights at the front. The outer layer of the case has a matt finish; this means that in a longer duration, the scratches on the case may not be visible. 

If we talk about the design aesthetics from their bright green lights in the front, you can easily say they are made for gaming. The overall design of the case is smooth like with curves and no edges. The green lights run across the front of the case. They turn on and blink when the case is charging and are stable when the earbuds inside are charging. You can know that the earbuds are charged if the lights are totally turned off.

Another significant improvement in the earphones is the Type-C charging port provided on the backside of the case. You can easily use any of your type-c chargers to charge the earbuds. Now, if we talk about the earbuds themselves, they are light in weight and fit well in your ears. They have touch controls and LED lights that light up green and white. You can easily control your music, pick-up calls, and use a smart assistant by tapping on the earbuds themselves. The touch control works very accurately. There are also two modes: gaming mode and the other is music mode, which you can switch by tapping three times on the earbuds.

Sound Quality

The earphone has 13mm drivers, and the overall sound quality is pretty average. The music coming from the earbuds sounds totally flat with no equalizer. The mids are on the higher side, and when it comes to bass and treble, they both are kept lower. You can get a pretty good sound experience with good bass if you can tune the equalizer on your phone. But the company has not correctly tuned the earbuds, and therefore even after tuning them from the phone, the audio quality was muffled. 

One of the best features of these buds is the 60ms low latency. These earbuds stand by for what is advertised and provide the ultimate gaming experience. There is a noticeable difference in latency when you switch from music mode to gaming mode. A voice in the earphones announces itself when you switch between two different modes. 

Battery Life

Battery life is another strong point of these earphones. You can easily get more than 8 hours of battery life on a single charge while listening to music. As usual with every wireless earbud, the battery life drops by a couple of hours when it comes to calling. Although, you can charge the earphones within 70-90 minutes from 0-100%. While in most budget earbuds, battery life is one of the major concerns, you can relax and easily pick Truke BTG 2 and forget about all your battery concerns. 

Call Quality

the call quality on these earbuds is not the highlight of the device and is just fine. While Truke provides two mics for noise cancellation on each bud but they don’t seem to function as advertised. During calls, the background noise creates a lot of disturbances, and therefore you may have trouble in listening voice of the person on the other side. The voice also gets echoed and muffled a lot too. Despite the ‘Quad Mic ENC’ feature, the company includes, good call quality is something which is not the highlight of Truke BTG 2 earbuds. Otherwise, for gaming, nothing can beat these pairs at this price range. 

Pro Tip: Try making phone calls in quiet environments with just the fan or air conditioner switched on instead of a loud air cooler and it works much better and avoid making phone calls outdoors.


The Truke BTG 2 gaming earbuds are a decent option for gamers that offers a 60ms low latency mode for gamers and a pair of 13mm audio drivers to enjoy the music. The audio quality is decent, nothing special and the microphones are not the best in class. But these earbuds are meant for gamers and that matters.

The 60ms low latency mode is something to look out for and can help up up your BGMI skills with the dedicated gaming mode. If you are in the market looking for earbuds especially for gaming then the Tuke BTG 2 is the option to consider. At the price of Rs. 1,999 these are decent pair of earbuds for gamers.


  • Great Battery life that comes in handy for long gaming marathons.
  • The low latency of 60ms works as advertised
  • Eye-catching design and the build quality is top-notch


  • Mediocre call quality during voice calls, the voice appears muffled and there’s a lot of background noise despite the noise-canceling mics.