top 5 paid icon packs

Your Android phone can be best customized with the in-built customization options. But if you want more, icons packs come to the rescue if at all you are bored with the stock icons. Out of the plenty of icon packs available in the Google Play Store, we here at Install or Not have checked out the coolest icons from various icon packs. As we have made the list for the top 5 free icon packs, here is the list of top 5 paid icon packs for Android.

Top 5 Paid Icon Packs for Android


Mation is an icon pack with a unique design developed by LKN9X with sheer brilliance. The details look amazing and with all the icons looking vibrant and colorful it sets up well with a dark wallpaper in the background. It has over 3100+ icons which can also be applied alternatively as per your preference. The UI is simple, has two sections, one for the icons and other for the wallpapers, and has the apply option in the app itself which shows all the launchers it supports. It also has a dynamic calendar and icon request tool feature which will come handy. You can purchase this icon pack for Rs.100 via Google Play Store or you can find it at cheaper prices when there is a sale.

Cornie Icons

Cornie Icon pack is brought to you by a Poland designer. It has neat and clean looking icons with good detailing implemented in the designing of the icons. With over 6800+ icons, it has minimal app UI through which you can easily replace any particular icon on your device. All the major launchers support Cornie Icons and if you have a request for an app, you can submit the request in the icon request tool. It also around 50 wallpapers which fit in with these icons and it also supports dynamic calendar icons. Also, with weekly updates, the designer updates more icons that the users have requested. It is priced at Rs.80 in the Google Play Store and if you’re lucky, you can grab it for cheaper pricing when there is a sale.

Tigad Pro Icon Pack

Tigad Pro is one of the different looking icons pack in the Google Play Store for Android. It’s unique 3d design surely looks stunning considering the amount of attention to detail that has been given by the designer. Making it as innovative, it does not lack vibrant colors at all. With over 16000+ icons, each one at 192 x 192 px resolution is made manually on Vector. The dashboard is simple with a button for each action, also has some cloud-based wallpapers along with an icon request tool. It is supported by all the major launchers and also includes 4 dynamic calendar icons. It is available for Rs.120; if you are lucky enough, you can grab it when on a sale.


Redox is one of the best looking Pixel-type icon pack. Designed by a Turkish developer, the icons look the best with minimal and materialistic wallpapers. With over 3800+ icons until now, more icons are being added by the designer frequently. Also, with the icon request tool, you can request the designer to make a design for an app. With compatibility for over 24 launchers, applying through the dashboard is simple with just one click. It also has dynamic calendar support and has plenty of cloud-based wallpaper service. It is priced at Rs.130 in the Play Store, but if you are lucky enough, you can grab it for cheaper when on a sale.


Spheroid is another best-looking Pixel-like icon pack with different graphics altogether. The icons are given very good attention to detail with some of the app icons representing some comic characters which look really cool. It has over 16000+ icons which are all based on Vector Graphics. All the major launcher apps support Spheroid and to set with the icons, there are also some QHD cloud-based wallpapers in the app. And with the apps list growing in the Play Store, there are frequent updates with new icons. At Rs.85, this icon pack is totally worth it.

Although most of the apps which are listed above are compatible with all the major launchers, we suggest you check out the app descriptions for the detailed list of supported launchers.

So, these are top 5 paid icon pack apps for Android we found to be the best; most of them can be found for cheaper prices when there is a sale. If you know some other best icon packs, feel free to comment down below.