Android 9 Pie Go EditionGoogle stated that the next major release of Android Go named “Android 9 Pie (Go edition)” will come this fall. The new Android 9 Pie Go Edition will come with the latest Android improvements to more entry-level phone buyers. The update obviously includes everything added in Pie, like gesture navigation, updated emoji, adaptive brightness, a new app switcher, and various UI improvements.

Android 9 Pie Go Edition will include features like-

  • Up to an additional 500MB of storage available out of the box
  • Faster device boot times
  • Top-of-the-line security features like verified boot
  • An accessible dashboard for tracking and monitoring data consumption

Android 9 Pie Go Edition

A typical Android installation would take up 5.5GB of an 8GB flash drive, or about 70 percent of its capacity. The Oreo version of Android Go took only 3GB of space (or about 38 percent of the drive), and now the Pie version of Android Go will take up only 2.5GB of space, which leaves about 70 percent of the drive free.

Also, Android 9 Pie Go Edition has the fully redesigned set of Google apps. These apps include unique features, like free downloading in YouTube Go, that aren’t found in the classic app.

  • Google Go now offers the ability to read web pages aloud and highlights each word so you can follow along.
  • YouTube Go makes it easier to enjoy videos while using less data with new features like gallery mode for downloaded content.
  • Maps Go now features navigation, making it possible for people with Go edition devices or unstable connections to use turn-by-turn directions whether you’re traveling by car, by bus, or on foot.
  • Files Go, which has saved users ~90TB of space since launch, is now capable of transferring data peer-to-peer, without using mobile data, at speeds up to ~490Mbips.
  • Assistant Go now supports additional languages including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Indonesian, and has expanded support for device actions like controlling Bluetooth, camera and flashlight, and added reminders.
  • Android Messages App for Android (Go edition) is now ~50 percent smaller in size and the Phone App includes caller ID and spam detection.

These are the few new apps and features which will be included in the new Android 9 Pie Go Edition. We’ll get to know more once the new Android Go update will be out for the users.

Source – Google Blog