File syncing site has just opened up its doors and allowed everyone access to it. The service is similar to many other file sharing sites, but with a fair amount of sharing features added in, like folder sharing and group access to files. It feels like a cross between Box and Dropbox to me. Just like those two services, Copy does a great job at keeping everything in sync across multiple PCs and mobile devices. I had no issues signing up, installing, and using the software.

Right now, Copy is offering extra storage to people just for singing up. Hit the link below to get an additional 5GB added to your account once you install their app. This starts you off with a whopping 10GB of storage right away. Share on Twitter for an additional 2GB on top of that. Find your referral link in your settings menu to hand out to friends and family and receive yet another 5GB for each person who signs up with your link. There is currently no cap on the amount of free storage you can earn during this limited time offer, so get it while it’s hot!

Sign up here for an extra 5GB of storage with Copy!