Finally the long wait for Symbian^3 User came to an end and also in some ways, Nokia delivered a promise in time (if we skip the promise of delivering the same update by end of Q4 2011). You must also credit them for such a flawless big rollout across multiple devices and multiple regions at once without delaying things further region-wise. Sure a first from Nokia.

Like many would have told you, Nokia Belle is not just any other firmware update for your mobile, but its changes a lot of things unlike Symbian Anna or past updates. It changes the UI completely, it changes the performance big time, it bring lots of cool widgets that may put even Android at same, it brings more features across Symbian^3 devices (like 30fps recording) and it really really makes Symbian^3 devices running more stable than ever.

While Nokia Conversations posts like Info on Nokia Belle Download and FAQs about Nokia Belle also put enough light over the matter, we thought to share our own experiences with the update along with the official videos shared by Nokia.

Nokia Belle



First one is needed to download the latest Nokia Suite from this link, if not on updated Nokia Suite already, then on checking the updates, you need to press update, when the above colorful screen will greet you about the whole process. While I received the Nokia Belle update first on my Nokia Oro, I was a little skeptical about my Nokia N8-00 (that was already running a leaked version of Nokia Belle x.x.607) but  for my surprise I received an update for the same as well and the process went as smooth as was in case of Nokia Oro itself without any glitches.

Nokian800 AlCwmRuCAAAGNfd

You will get a disclaimer first and then as usual press continue and move on over the rest of the process.

NokiaN8update Size

You can notice that either it be Nokia Oro or Nokia N8-00 or any other Symbian^3, this would be a sufficiently big sized update (without any games or any other package as part of it).


Once the download is done, the update process will take the backup of the contents in your C: drive, calendar entries, messages, bookmarks and even predictive text dictionary entries (for the people who use T9 typing excessively).

AlC47TRCQAEBhwk In case anything went wrong then it will notify the user like the above prompt where I couldn’t copy two of the files from C: drive for some reasons. You may read and weigh your options accordingly before the update and then proceed for the continue button.


After you confirmed for the installation, installation will ask you for not touching the phone meanwhile Nokia Suite updates the same. Once the update is done, it will start restoring the earlier backed up data back to your phone.

AlC6oG4CMAAzvFU.jpg large

Once the restoration is done, the phone will restart.

AlC5vF5CEAApwag.jpg large

Due to some minor glitches, it might be the case that even though phone is restarted and updated, the Nokia Suite screen might stuck with above display. Ignore it and close it via Task Manager as the update is already done.

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You can notice that the updated software version is 111.010.0609.02.01 and plenty of space left in case of Nokia Oro at least, with Nokia N8-00, it was somewhere around 125mb. Also notice the new UI and six home screens now.

If you want a visual guide then Nokia has also posted enough video instructions as well about the particular update

And they also explained the features in the new Nokia Belle software by the following video

So, have you updated your phone yet?